Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 CE

An attractive addition to any retail setting, Maritech ATM presents the Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 CE to its fleet of ATMs. This machine runs on a Microsoft® Windows® CE platform resulting in easy accessibility and functionality.  The Nautilus line of ATMs is known in the industry for their reliability and longevity. Business owners looking for a simple machine with low maintenance requirements and a proven track record of success need not look further than the Mini-Bank 1800 CE.

The Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 CE offered at Maritech is an instant moneymaker for business owners. All of the ATMs offered by Maritech allow the owner to set and keep 100% of the surcharge revenue. This means you are guaranteed a set amount of money each time someone utilizes the convenience of your ATM. In addition to the money gained from surcharges, you will also see an increase in foot traffic to your place of business with correct advertising of your ATM. People in need of quick cash will be drawn into your business, and are much more likely to use a portion of the cash they withdraw to make an additional purchase at your business. Many customers of Maritech are able to pay off their machine within a few months off of surcharge profit alone.

The Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 CE has many attractive and customizable features to meet the need of any retail location. This model is on the smaller size, so it is great for small locations where space must be maximized.

Features include an 8” LCD screen, an ADA compliant PCI Encrypting PIN Pad, multi-lingual capabilities, 1,000-note removable cassette standard cash dispenser or 2K-4K note removable cassette for an additional fee. The printer comes standard with 80mm graphical thermal receipt capabilities, and several security lock options to meet your security preferences. With all of these options, the Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 CE is sure to meet your customer’s cash needs.

Benefits to having an ATM

What are the benefits to having an ATM?

There are several benefits to purchasing an ATM, but here is our top 3:


  1. Instant source of revenue: From the minute you have your ATM installed you are able to start collecting money. Surcharge revenue and additional money spent in your store is instant income to help you invest in your business.
  2. Cash is King: As a business owner, I am sure you are already well aware of the hefty fees associated with credit card usage by your customers. With an ATM, your customers can easily access cash, meaning you get to keep more profit made off purchases rather than paying fees to credit companies.
  3. Attract new customers: When you install an ATM, more people who might have normally not stopped into your business will come in to use your machine. Based off many studies, these people may very well become new, regular customers.


If you are interested in the Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 CE or any of our other products, then call us today at 1-855-MARITECH, or fill out a contact form. We are thrilled to begin working with you to help make your business even better!