Nautilus Hyosung 2700T

The Hyosung 2700T is another reliable, sleek, and technologically advanced ATM built to last. Maritech ATM offers the Hyosung 2700T alongside our impressive stock of quality ATMs for our valued customers.

The Hyosung 2700T runs on a Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0 system platform making it extremely compatible and easy to run.  This machine comes standard with a graphical thermal receipt printer, dip style card reader, and Cencon lock.  There are several optional add on features to customize your machine to the specifications you desire. Options include an IC card reader or Anti-skimming card reader, an electronic lock, and rear supervisor panel. The screen features a 10.1” color TFT LCD and 2,000 Note cash dispenser with optional 4K or 6K note dispenser add-ons.

As with all of the machines offered at Maritech, the Hyosung 2700T is PCP and ADA compliant. This machine supports 6 languages, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, enabling people from all backgrounds to easily access and utilize your machine.

Another specialized feature of the Hyosung 2700T is its weatherized exterior. This makes it a great ATM for outdoor venues or exterior placement. Weatherized means that the machine is waterproof and tough, so you do not have to worry about bringing it inside during bad weather.

Customize the Hyosung 2700T with an illuminated topper to attract for customers and business. The illuminated topper makes it more apparent that your place of business offers an ATM, resulting in more profits.  Also available through Maritech is a customized video topper, allowing you to stream custom advertisements above your ATM.

Utilize the digital receipt option with your new machine. This feature is growing in popularity because it provides convenience for both customers and business owners. When a customer is done using your machine, they will be prompted to scan a QR code on to their smartphone. This allows them to view a digital copy of their receipt, rather than wasting paper.

ATM For Your Business


  • Height: 72″ (1828.8 mm)
  • Width: 21.5″ (546.1 mm)
  • Depth: 25.24″ (564.9 mm)
  • Weight: 308 lbs (139.7 kg)


An ATM is a beneficial investment to any business.  You are in charge from the moment you purchase your ATM through Maritech. We let you set your own surcharge fee, and you always keep 100% of the profit. Studies show that businesses with ATMs experience more street traffic and more people utilizing the cash they withdraw on a purchase at the business.  So, start earning additional money today and call 1-855-MARITECH or fill out our online contact form. One of the Maritech representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have about the Hyosung 2700T or any of our other products.