Cash Vaulting

Maritech ATM is the trusted provider of ATMs and ATM services in the tri-state area. We have helped countless business owners improve the profitability of their business with the addition of an ATM. We offer a large product line of machines to meet the style and needs of your business, and a wide range of services to help our customers make more money.

With Maritech ATM, business owners can expect increased profits from:

  • Service Fees: Set and keep 100% of the fee your customers will pay for using your machine.
  • Increased foot traffic: With proper marketing of your machine, expect more foot traffic in your business.
  • More transactions: Studies show that customers who use an ATM are more likely to make a purchase using that money at your business.
  • More cash spending: ATMs encourage cash purchases, saving you hefty credit card fees.

Cash Vaulting for ATM’s in North Jersey

One of our most popular services in New Jersey is our cash vaulting program. Our comprehensive cash vaulting program gives your business the opportunity to utilize the established services of Maritech ATM.  Cash vaulting is an important part of having a successful ATM program, as it ensures that you always have enough cash on hand at all times. With Maritech ATM, we will ensure that you have access to cash at all times and the freedom to spend it as you wish. With the Maritech ATM cash vaulting program, your cash is no longer locked inside of a machine. All cash in this program is 100% protected by our excellent insurance at all times, so you don’t have to worry about the “what ifs”.

The experts at Maritech ATM will ensure that you have cash 24/7 for immediate use. Our highly competitive interest rates and accurate cash forecasting are why we are the trusted provider of cash vaulting in New Jersey.  When you work with Maritech, you have access to our team of experts who are always available to address your needs. Whether you are having a technical difficulty, or just need customer service, we are here waiting for your call.

You can’t go wrong with Maritech ATM’s unbeatable cash vaulting program. Experience the freedom and convenience of having cash for your business at all times, from your very own ATM. If you do not have an ATM yet, or are interested in enrolling in our cash vaulting program or any of our other services, then call us today at 1-855-MARITECH or contact us online. We look forward to providing you with our unparalleled cash vaulting service!