ATM Branding

Maritech ATM brings years of experience and dedication in ATM installation, cash vaulting, and ATM branding to customers the New Jersey area. ATMs have been helping business owners make extra money for years. Maritech ATM is proud to serve customers and teach them the fundamentals to earning more money through their ATM machine.

ATMs provide supplemental income to owners through the following:

  • Surcharge Profit: All Maritech customers get to set a surcharge fee that will be implemented each time someone utilizes their machine. With Maritech, you get to set this charge as high or low as you would like, and keep 100% of that money.
  • Increased foot traffic: With proper branding of your machine, customers walking by, looking for an ATM, will come into your store. More people in your place of business mean they are more likely to make a purchase or come back to your location again.
  • More cash purchases: Always remember, cash is king. With an ATM in your place of business, you can bet your customers will be spending more cash, rather than credit. This means you can keep more money in your pocket rather than paying out substantial fees to credit companies.


Branding for ATM’s in New Jersey

The key to attracting customers to use your ATM after having it installed, is proper branding. We’ll admit, sometimes an ATM sticks out like a sore thumb. With custom branding, we consult you on the right additions to make to your machine, depending on your business, to make your ATM fit in better. Having a machine that is attractive and inviting to customers, in line with the branding of your business, will encourage more transactions.

Our custom branding experts will create custom wrap with your logo and store colors to match the interior design of your place of business. This will promote your business while making the machine more attractive and inviting to customers.

Another popular option among customers is our new digital advertising option. Rather than having a bland welcome screen on your machine, we can create a custom advertisement for your business on the screen of your ATM. Or, to increase the profitability of your ATM even further, you can sell the advertising space on your screen to other companies. Our branding experts at Maritech will help you fill up the advertising space, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you are interested in branding your ATM, then call Maritech ATM today for all of your ATM needs. We will design a custom wrap for your business to ensure you have the best looking ATM in town. If you are interested in any of our other services, call us at 1855 MARITECH or contact us online to speak with a representative from Maritech.