ATM for Rent in Woodbridge, NJ

Also Serving Hoboken, NJ

Maritech ATM proudly serves the great state of New Jersey with all of our trusted ATM services. We provide different plans to allow New Jersey business owners of all sizes to customize the type of ATM that will best meet their needs, and how much time they have to dedicate to their own ATM. Any of the ATM services from Maritech ATM will set your business up for greater success. Learn about the plans below, and then contact us to get started!

Full Service ATM Plan

Our Full Service ATM servicing plan is a “set-it and forget-it” type deal, where the Maritech ATM will provide the ATM, cash management services, processing, supplies, and support to your business, free of charge. This level of servicing nets the business a predetermined commission on every transaction that is made at the ATM in their location. This plan is perfect for busy business owners who want to provide a convenient service for their customers and make some extra money, without the hassle of upkeep or service of their ATM. Maritech will handle absolutely everything, all you have to do is order your ATM!

Highlights of the Full Service ATM Plan:
o It is no cost to you
o We provide the ATM
o We provide the cash management
o We provide Processing, Supplies, & Support
o You receive a predetermined commission on every transaction

Partnership Plan

A Partnership with Maritech ATM provides many of the same services that the previous plan offers, but with this plan, the business will provide their own cash management for the ATM. This service level pays out 50% of every transaction fee, which can be set at your discretion. A Partnership Plan is perfect for business owners who are looking to keep a little more commission, and have the time to handle their own cash management. Maritech ATM is always available to answer any questions that may come up during this process.

Highlights of the Partnership Plan:
o This again is no cost to you
o We provide the ATM
o You provide the cash management
o We provide processing, supplies, & support
o You receive 50% of the transaction fee

Purchase and Processing Plan

Our third service option in New Jersey allows Maritech ATM to aid your business in purchasing an ATM for your business location, as well as provide processing, supplies, and maintenance. We will help you install the machine and provide help along the way when you need. It. When your business purchases an ATM from Maritech ATM, you receive 100% of every surcharge fee. You get to set this surcharge fee according to what you see fit based on your customer base, and this money will all go straight into your pockets!

Highlights of the Purchase and Processing Plan:
o You purchase ATM from our full line of machines
o You provide cash management
o We provide processing, supplies and service support
o You receive 100% of surcharge fee

ATM Installation

When a customer orders an ATM from Maritech ATM in New Jersey, our expert team is sent out throughout New Jersey to provide expert installation that is both secure and reliable. In addition to installation, our team members will also provide owners and managers a walkthrough on how to operate and program your new ATM, as well as provide insight on how to best optimize your ATM so customers will utilize it more and make it more profitable for your business.

ATM Branding

Once an ATM is installed in your New Jersey business, it becomes a part of the business. Another great service that Maritech ATM provides is ATM branding in New Jersey. Our skilled team can work with your business to design a custom wrap for the ATM to match with color schemes or other advertising within the business. In addition to wrapping the ATM, many of our customers are turning to digital signage, where advertisements are shown to customers right on the ATM’s screen.

Cash Vaulting

Many of our clients choose Maritech ATM because we provide the best cash vaulting service in New Jersey. Our cash vaulting service provides our clients with money to keep their ATMs filled at all times. All of the cash in this program is 100% insured by our own business policy. Our cash vaulting service offers highly competitive interest rates and accurate cash forecasting for your business.

If you are interested in any of Maritech ATM’s services in New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact us today! We can’t wait to get started working with you.